The Best Online Casinos in Canada
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Live casino Canada – synergy of the core gambling peculiarities

The rapid development of the internet revolutionized the concept of gambling – the online industry formed a separate branch and going from strength to strength. Online gambling in Canada represents a synergy of the core gambling peculiarities mixed with a generous portion of advantages offered by the worldwide web. Help yourself with comprehensive info on the strong suits of live casino:

  1. An ability to carry various tactics and strategies into effect with the help of special software or tools. In a real casino, one could be banned in case of any suspicion of fraud (while the term ‘fraud’ has a relatively broad meaning, and even no-fraud actions may be classified as fraud).
  2. Solid jackpots. The jackpot in Canadian virtual casinos may reach even CA$6 million mark; in addition, since many online casinos run both online and brick and mortar businesses, the cumulative jackpots may be combined into a single network to form extremely huge amount. The largest amount ever known to man was won at Intercasino on May 15, 2007 (the winner received about CA$ 6 million).
  3. Live online casinos boast a greater percentage of payments that usually exceeds the one in brick and mortar Las Vegas casinos.
  4. Low initial rates: thus, it online gambling platforms it starts from as little as 1 cent, while in a real casino the minimum bid starts from CA$4-5 approximately.
  5. Bonuses. Almost every online casino in Canada, be it a gambling titan or an aspiring business, offers a welcome bonus and a range of extras to encourage the gamer’s choice and maintain loyalty.
  6. Trial games for real money: in order to attract and retain new users, some online casinos offer players a small amount to participate in gambling for real money. Thus, you will not have to make deposit to start playing, though you win and withdraw winnings to your account.

Choose the most suitable Canadian platform from our manually collected list and start playing right away!